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Mahwah Town Council Meeting - Thursday 2/22 @ 6:00PM

Mahwah Town Hall at night

The next Mahwah Town Council Meeting is this Thursday, February 22th at 6:00PM at the Mahwah Town Hall.
According to the agenda the meeting is starting at 6pm and going directly into closed session. We've been told the closed session should be over at approximately 7pm.
The agenda is posted below.

Mahwah's No Knock Registry

No knocking on door

MahwahStrong has received many inquires about Mahwah’s “No Knock Registry”.  The No Knock Registry was created to stop “canvassing or soliciting, which includes offering to purchase real estate on behalf of any person or organization.” 

Important Meeting Update

The town council has voted 5-2 in favor of a proposed settlement regarding the Eruv litigation (Councilwoman Ariemma and Councilman Wysocki, voted no) More details will be released from council once the settlement is finalized. We ask for the community to allow for the details of the settlement to be released before judgement and MahwahStrong will release our official statement once we have reviewed the settlement in detail.

VERY IMPORTANT -- Continuation of Special Council Meeting about Litigation Monday 01/30/2018 @ 6pm

VERY IMPORTANT...the Special Council meeting from last night will resume at 6:00PM tonight, 01/30/2018. On the agenda (link here) is Resolution #088-18 "Resolution Authorizing Settlement Agreement and Release -- Bergen Eruv Association Inc. vs. Township of Mahwah."

Litigation impacts all of us. We encourage all residents to attend.

Mahwah Township Hall
Senior Center
475 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430

VERY IMPORTANT -- Special Council Meeting about Litigation Monday 01/29/2018 @ 7pm

VERY IMPORTANT...a Special Council meeting has been scheduled for this Monday at 7:00 PM. According to the agenda (link here) action may be taken on pending litigation.

Following yesterday's Special Council meeting, we expect something big to be announced. Litigation impacts all of us and developments and/or actions should not be concealed from the residents. It is our responsibility, as residents, to ensure that our Council is acting in OUR best interest.

Recap of 01/18/2018 Council Meeting

Michelle Crowe-Paz being sworn in as Mahwah's newest councilwoman.

The town council meeting on Thursday, January 18th started with the town attorney, Brian Chewcaskie, explaining the procedure for nominating a new council member. The council then voted 6 yeses with 1 abstain for new council woman Michelle Crowe-Paz. She was sworn in following the vote and spoke about having the town’s best interest at heart and will prove that through positive actions.